PV Panels

PV Panels

What Are They?

Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy panels are glass panels you often see on top of household and industrial rooftops as well as in photovoltaic solar parks installed on the ground. PV panels are an example of a green energy technology producing clean electricity converted from direct or indirect sunlight without any moving parts.

PV panels produce DC electricity through their solar cells which convert energy from the sun into a flow of electrons by the photovoltaic effect. DC electricity can be converted to AC if required via an inverter.





ALEO PV panels are German branded and manufactured in Germany to the highest specifications.

  • Their development of the MONO CRYSTALLINE PV panels offers a very useful 3% additional output.
  • Their latest models of MONO CRYSTALLINE 295W and 305W offer a very crucial advantage where roof space is limited.

For example with just 10 PV panels (10 running meters) you can have a 3KW system whereas you would normally require 12 panels (12 running meters).

Mono VS Poly.pdf
ALEO 280 295 mono.pdf
ALEO P19 290-300W.pdf
ALEO S59 300-310W.pdf
ALEO X59 300.pdf



A German branded PV panel manufactured in the E.U.

The ECO LINE series is ideal for Net Metering installations offered in various capacities starting from 250W in the POLYCRYSTALINE category.




A German branded PV panel, produced in Germany, to the highest specifications competitively priced.

  • Their 270W POLY CRYSTALLINE PV panel can accomplish a 3KW installation with 11 panels.
  • SONNESTROM offer 12 year manufacturer and 26 years linear performance warranties.

260-275 P60 EN.pdf

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