Electricity Authorities, via the national electricity grid network, supply homes with alternating current (AC) electricity; however, solar panels generate direct current (DC) electricity. The role of a solar inverter is to convert DC electricity to AC.

Solar inverters draw the maximum power from PV solar panels. This function is known as Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and is carried out at a rate of accuracy of over 99%. With the sunset, when the energy offered is no longer enough to feed the utility transmission grid, the inverter automatically cuts off the connection to the grid and stops operating.

Most Inverters have incorporated a sophisticated production monitoring system which offers data related to the PV system output. A monitoring system can also be programmed to alert in cases of PV system malfunction. To enable the monitoring system to operate an internet connection is required. Most good inverter manufacturers offer a free mobile phone application to the users.

Suxeed Solar carries out a regular and strict market research for the excellent choice of the most reliable inverters. We propose the following brands which are the best in the global market and proven to be ideal for the Cypriot weather conditions.





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