Swimming Pool Solar Systems

  • For circulation & filtration of swimming pools.
  • Complete solar system to replace existing AC pump.
  • Solar system to utilize existing AC pump.

An average size swimming pool operating all year round consumes approximately €600 worth of electricity.

We design your system which can operate all year round taking into account the sun hours of all twelve months, your location etc. This way the system will operate from sunrise to sunset thus providing the required water filtration and water pumping for the swimming pool.

Solar System to Replace Existing AC Pump

The system consists of the required number of solar panels their mounting system, a DC solar pump and the electromechanical cabling and switches. An existing AC pump can remain in place as a back-up system.


Solar System to Utilize Existing AC Pump.

The system consists of the required number of solar panels and their mounting system. A DRIVER is used which converts the DC electricity which is produced by the solar panels and is converted to AC electricity to feed the existing AC pump. Electromechanical cabling and switches as required.



  • No more electricity costs.
  • Independent electricity supply from the grid.
  • Quick and efficient operation.
  • Professional support.
  • European designed/manufactured equipment.

Lorentz Pumps 600 and 1800.pdf