Lucht LHZ. Evolution in Electric Heating


Quality solutions for the ultimate heating experience!

The LHZ Combination Electric radiators have been designed using the latest technology to create an elegant solution for all hard to heat situations. They can be installed in almost any location due to the flexibility of the product. The range has been developed to provide an adaptable solution for electric heating in Domestic properties, Conservatories, Holiday homes, Offices and any other central heating situation. Our unique patented ‘Magmatic’ heating tablets provide the source for the radiator.

The high fin design boasts 6 times the normal radiator surface area to provide a balance of Convection and Radiant heat for your added comfort. The radiators can be simply plugged in to a standard socket or hard wired to an existing spur connection. The range has the flexibility of being wall mounted or free standing on castors or feet.

Living with electric combination radiators

The LHZ Electric Combination Radiators have been accepted as a practical modern solution to outdated, inefficient electric storage heaters. In many countries, they are cheaper to run than oil fired heating systems and are now comparable with natural gas.

DSM smart phone LHZ control app available. ( )

Their success is due largely to the following features and benefits:

  • No boiler, plumbing or pipework required
  • Ease of Installation
  • Manual, radio frequency or digitally integrated thermostat
  • Safe, clean and easy to operate
  • Fully controllable by either manual or digitally controlled (TDI) thermostats.
  • Slimline Radiators are 70mm deep
  • Various outputs and sizes are available from 500w- 3kW
  • No maintenance required 100% efficient
  • Supplied with wall fixing brackets
  • Castors, feet stands or radiator supports can be ordered as optional extras
  • Radiators come fully assembled with appropriate plugs and 1.5m of cable
  • All radiators are powder coated in a white high quality enamelled finish

High performance – whatever your space

Tall orders in the kitchen and at home in the bathroom. The range has been developed to accommodate the smallest easy-to-heat room to the larger hard-to-heat room. We currently sell the radiators as heating solutions to a wide range of markets which include Domestic Properties, Conservatories and Sunrooms, Social Housing Contracts, Holiday homes, Park homes and Caravans, Hotels and Pubs, Schools, Offices, Portable Offices, etc.

Types of Radiators:

  • Vertical Radiators
  • Standard Radiators
  • Conservatory Radiators
  • Design Radiators
  • Bathroom Radiators
  • Panel Heater Visage
  • Panel Heater Elegance
  • Panel Heater Crystal and Opal

Enjoy the outside inside with Conservatory radiators

To compliment your existing heating system LHZ have produced a selection of low profile electric radiators, all 340mm high. Ideal for use in conservatories, sunrooms and rooms with low window sills, all LHZ radiators are supplied with wall mounting brackets.

With the option of floor standing or castors you have the ability to place your radiator anywhere within your conservatory. This practical range can be controlled by Manual, Radio Frequency or Integrated Digital Thermostats.

The LHZ engineering behind the quality

Lucht LHZ unique combination radiators are designed to store the heat directly into the Magmatic Heat–Retention Tablets, without any loss of energy.

The metal ribs on the radiator form a six times greater surface area than a normal radiator. As a result of this, approximately 50% radiant heat as well as 50% convected heat is created, to give a much more consistent temperature throughout the room, from floor to ceiling.

LHZ Radiators are unique due to the metal ribs being individually spot welded which prevents any noise during the heating up and cooling down cycle. When the LHZ Radiators have achieved their required temperature, the thermostat will cut the power to the Radiator.

The Radiator will continue to provide heat, (that has been stored in the Magmatic tablets), for up to 45 minutes with no further use of electricity. The Radiators will use approximately 20–30 minutes of electricity per hour, depending upon on the building fabric and outside temperature.

Heat up rooms quickly and comfortably with Lucht LHZ anytime – even when you are away!

With the free and clever App it is possible to control all your rooms using Smartphone or Tablet PC. We want you to feel completely comfortable at home – that is why we developed heating systems that can be individually controlled and combined. You can enjoy efficient and cosy warmth in each room easily and whenever you need it.