Net Metering

How Many KWs Of PV Solar Installation Do I Require?

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A very fair and user-friendly scheme available to homes and small businesses in Cyprus. All your electricity production through the Net Metering photovoltaic installation is accounted for 24/7, 360 days a year. The new ‘Smart meter” which replaces your existing electricity meter, manages at any moment your production and your household electricity requirements. Production during sun hours is sent to your home, excess output is sent to the grid while additional electricity requirements are imported from the EAC. Your bi-monthly EAC bill credits your output so that you end up paying only the difference.

Looking into the future almost all houses in Cyprus will be equipped with photovoltaic solar energy systems producing free electricity like for so many decades almost all the houses and businesses are equipped with solar water heaters.


The maximum capacity permitted for a residential or small business solar system through the NET METERING scheme is of 5 KW.


Provided that the photovoltaic solar panels are facing south, it is expected that a 3kW system will produce 5,100kWh per year, while a 5kW system will produce 8,500kWh per year.

Government Subsidies

A subsidy of €900.00 per kW system installed (maximum €2,700) is available for individuals receiving certain state benefits or who have a certain number of dependents in the household.


Your total electricity production is taken into account each time the EAC sends you the bi-monthly bill. If during a billing period you produced more electricity than you consumed, your production will be transferred as credit to the following billing period. The EAC will reconcile your total production in your February-March bill. Overproduction is lost as no money is paid by the EAC for it.

Saving Money

There is no doubt that by installing a Photovoltaic solar system a household will save a lot of money towards the electricity bill. The pay-back period of your investment depends on the tariff per kWh charged by the EAC. SUXEED SOLAR will provide you with a free techno-economic analysis showing among other information, bi monthly production, annual savings and payback period.

How Does Net Metering work?

The Net Metering system is installed and produces electricity which is fed to the grid via a smart meter installed by the EAC. The meter calculates the yield of the electricity that a home exports and the consumption of electricity imported from EAC. The system calculates the net amount to be paid to the EAC every month or every two months.


After Installation

A photovoltaic installation produces clean energy. The installation itself requires very little or no maintenance. We encourage users to wash the PV panels every few months and keep a regular check on the daily production of their installation by glancing at the inverter to ensure production is as expected. For the more technically-minded a monitoring system, which is incorporated into the inverter, can be an option for more accurately observing production and possible system faults.


Application Procedure

At Suxeed Solar we like to make our customers’ life as easy as possible by taking care of the considerable paper work required for the application procedure.


Required Application Documents (Without Subsidy)

  • Electrical consumption for the past 12 months (from EAC)
  • Recent EAC bill
  • Title deed (all owners)
  • Topographical plan
  • Building permit
  • Owners consent (in case of multiple owners) – Original
  • Certificate of permanent stay (in case of non-Cypriots)
  • Signed certificate of use of domestic unit
  • Application form signed by customer – Original
  • €250 + VAT prior to the submission to the EAC


Required Application Form (Without Subsidy)

Download Application Form


Required Application Form (With Subsidy)

Download Application Form