Brian Shubrook, Pafos

Brian Shubrook, Pafos
When we settled in Paphos we decided that, as we intended to stay for a longtime at our new bungalow, we would install solar panels.

Having researched the cost against the annual savings and with Cyprus having an average of 324 sunshine days, it became an easy choice to make as the cost of installation would be quickly recouped in a few years, particularly with the high cost of electricity on Cyprus.

We had quotations from a number of solar companies, all varying in price.

What always impresses me when obtaining quotations is not only the price but the response and professionalism of the company. In this respect SUXEED SOLAR are far above their competitors in every respect and we had no hesitation in choosing them for the installation.

We were not disappointed as the paperwork needed for EAC was easily completed for us by SUXEED SOLAR and we just had to wait for a ‘go ahead’ from the EAC. Once the EAC approval was obtained, installation was quick, efficient and their engineers were very obliging and kept everything neat and tidy.
The installation was quickly approved by EAC and we started our solar monitoring online, which proves extremely useful.

Any initial questions were very quickly answered by their team and we would have no hesitation in recommending them, which we have already done.

In fact once we were able to upgrade the system after one year, following an increase in KWs by EAC, we chose SUXEED SOLAR again with the water solar panels also being changed complete with a much larger tank.

All now working perfectly and so pleased we made the right choice with SUXEED SOLAR.

Brian Shubrook
Secret Valley

Brian Shubrook, Pafos

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